Organisation Structure

The Governor of the State is the Patron and the Chief Minister is the Visitor of the Council. The Minister for Higher Education is the Chairman of the Council. The Chief Executive of the Council is its Vice Chairman, followed by its Member Secretary who would be appointed by the Government for a period of four years.
The Council has a three-tier structure consisting of an Advisory Body, a Governing Body and an Executive Body. The bodies of the Council are constituted by the Government for a four-year term. But as per the Kerala state Higher Education Council (Amendment) Act, 2018, the Council shall continue to exist beyond 4 years till a new Council is constituted.

Structure Holder
Patron of the Council Hon'ble Governor of Kerala
Visitor of the Council Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala
Chairman of the Council Hon’ble Minister in charge of Higher Education
Vice Chairman An eminent educationist, preferably a former Vice Chancellor appointed by the government-executive head of the Council
Member Secretary An academician with administrative experience appointed by the Governor
Registrar An officer not below the Rank of Joint Secretary to Government, appointed by the Government on deputation