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Database of Keralite-Academic Diaspora


KSHEC in pursuit of transforming the higher education of Kerala to a Knowledge economy and enchancemt of state's intellectual property contribution, invites scholars /scientists of non-resident Keralite working in world-famous universities and research institutions specializing in emerging areas of knowledge across the world to register their name and details on


building up a database of scholars ranging from scientists, social scientists, humanities experts in universities and research institutions, medical professionals, technocrats, economists etc. with the following objectives

  • Attract, share, involve, integrate and incorporate for the quality enhancement of higher education of the state
  • Bringing experts as short-term teachers, part-time collaborators,co-supervisors in research
  • Locacate experts from diverse domains of knowledge production for state's higher education activities
  • Involve them in the reconstitution of curricula of higher education
  • Provide advisory support to government in enhancing quality of higher education 



The Kerala State Higher Education Council

Science and Technology Museum Campus

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