The last date for submission of application for various categories of Kairali Research Awards 2021 has been extended up to 24-12-2021   

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The details of awards declared in Kairali Research Awards 2019-20



Government of Kerala with an aim to encourage the most eminent research scholars and research pedagogues of the state, have instituted Kairali Research Awards vide an order No. G.O. (Rt) No.253/2018/H.Edn dated 08-02-2018 which has accorded the necessary administrative sanction as proposed by the Higher Education Department for an amount of Rupees 130 Lakhs from the Budget Provision during the current financial year 2018-19. This award has conceptualised for most eminent research scholars in various academic disciplines under four categories of scholars viz. Kairali Gaveshaka Puraskaram, Kairali Gaveshana Puraskaram, Kairali Lifetime Achievement and Kairali Global Lifetime Achievement Award. Subsequent to this the government vide G.O. (Rt) No.820/2018/H.Edn dated 24-04-2018 authorised the state Higher Education Council (KSHEC) as the secretariat for the Kairali Research Awards. A selection committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of Dr. P. Balaram, Former Director, Indian Institute of Sciences, Bengaluru for the purpose of selecting eligible candidates for the awards.
Followed by this, the Government vide G.O.(Rt) No.915/2018/H.Edn approved the guidelines for the awards. The commencement of this awards from 2017-18 academic year onwards to those excel in a particular subject under three categories.

Name of Award Total Amount (Rs) Eligibility Criteria Subject Areas
Gaveshaka Puraskaram 5,00000 Students of Doctoral Degree obtained from a recognized University in Kerala are given this award to continue innovative research Chemical Science/Physical Science/Biological Science/Social Science/Arts and Humanities
Gaveshana Puraskaram 25,00000 Faculty members of Universities or Colleges of Kerala, excelled in research/pursuing research in cutting edge areas Chemical Science/Physical Science/Biological Science/Social Science/Arts and Humanities
Lifetime Achievement 2,50,000 Scholars of institution within Kerala Science/Social Science/Arts and Humanities
Global Lifetime 5,00000 Scholars of Kerala origin within India or Abroad Science/Social Science/Arts and Humanities

  All universities have nominated the Nodal officers at university level for the Kairali research Awards, for carrying out preliminary screening of nominations/applications from the respective universities. KSHEC has designated Dr. Manulal P. Ram, Research Officer as the coordinator of the Kairali Awards. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: Mob: 7561018708


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