The commission envisages to reviewing the present state of examinations in the universities and HEIs of Kerala. Other matters under the specific purview of the commission are reviewing the curricula and the proposed changes in the curricula to formulate examinations in agreement with them; ensuring a system of maintenance of records from registration to transfer certificate and issuing of marklists and certificates in a system like Digi Locker; reviewing the present modes of conduct of examination, evaluation and result and propose changes; proposing the necessary changes in the structure of question papers and strategies of testing according to changes in curriculum;  proposing measures to ensure the agreement of Academic Calendar and Examination Calendar;  proposing a system and time-line for a complete automation of the entire examination system; and  proposing a system for the training of teaching and non teaching staff for the smooth conduct of examination. In addition, the commission may put forward new suggestions for an effective and contemporary evaluation system based on emerging technologies which are currently practiced in other institutions within and outside the country. The commission will also work with other two commissions (the Higher Education Reforms Commissions and the University Law Reform Commission) to formulate a new system of evaluation in line with their recommendation..